Weiner Index and Simpson Index are associated with ____

0 1,955

1) Plymouth rock, Rhode Island Red and Minorca are the exotic varieties of _____


2) Name the world’s smallest cow which is an indigenous breed of Kerala?

Vechoor cow

3) Which scientist developed the method of tissue culture in 1902?

G Haberlandt

4) What are the examples for nitrate dissolving microbes

Azetobacter, azospirillum, azolla, rhizobium

5) The symbiotic relationship between roots of plants and some fungi which help in absorbing water and elements like phosphorous from soil is known as _____ ?


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6) Which crop is affected by the pests aphid, stem borer and gall midge?


7) Name the parasite that feed on the eggs of pests?


8) Who was the scientist to classify the living world into two kingdoms namely plant kingdom and animal kingdom?

Carolus Linnaeus

9) Weiner Index and Simpson Index are associated with ____


10) What is the colour of phenolphthalein in an acid?

No colour

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